Friday, August 27, 2010

DIY: Scented Candles

If your like me, you love scented candles.  But my budget just doesn't allow this luxury.  Great smelling candles are not cheap... to me some cheap candles smell like toilet water with those little fresh thingys hanging in them.  Gross... reminds me of those long rode trips to the Smoky Mountains as a kid and stopping at the gas stations for a bathroom break.

Here's what I do:

Buy a bag of tealight candles from walmart, unscented.  A bag of 50 for a mere $2.50.  I always keep a bottle of some sort of essential oil.  For me, my smell of choice is lavender.  Take your tea light candle, straighten the wick so the oil doesn't dampen it making it hard to light, place about 5-6 drops of essential oil on the candle wax and it will absorb into the wax or drain to the bottom, not sure which of the two happens, and light it.  You can add as much oil or as less oil as you need depending on the type of smell you like.  Me, I like to use a bit more.

I do not recommend placing the oil on the candles until you are ready to burn them.  The essential oils are expensive and if they are draining to the bottom of the candle that means they would be easily spilled into the bag and you would be waving bye to about $8.


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